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Melissa Murillo, known as Meyoko, creates the metamorphosis of a surreal world
inhabited with hybrid characters and peculiar fauna. She uses various techniques
to create luxuriant forest populated with imaginary plants and bizarre characters.

Her work often incorporates emotions such as melancholia, vulnerability, the fear
of abandonment yet she confronts them with dogmas such as utopianism, heroism or
humanism to achieve a narrative dialogue of intense poetry. Meyoko, from Equatorial
origins, discovered her passion for her art in France; she subsequently studied in
Paris and began illustrating. Turbulent times caused her to move to Berlin, in an
environment more suitable for Meyoko's development and personal quest, a path
devoted to her art.

Executed in free hand, with a fountain pen and black, China ink or more recently with
Gold, the artworks by meyoko are like secret open doorways
to a microcosmic wilderness populated by divine entities and mythical creatures;
each intermingled and amalgamated to one another until they ultimately create hybrid
shapes that are partly botanical partly animal. Dense Forests, made of luxuriant hair
like roots are adorned with tattooed flowers and surreal plants or inhabited by totemic
ravens and hummingbirds with strange silky bodies in place of feathers.

Meyoko's work has been exhibited in The United States, Germany, Greece and featured
in fashion and lifestyle magazines and books in Australia, England, Taiwan, Suede, Spain...

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